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Omvix - About Us

Omvix Group, Inc., a Texas incorporation founded in 2002, offers business capital investment and business management services to telecom and software companies faced with financial and operations challenges, successfully transforming them from purely innovative entrepreneurships to established and growing business entities with potential for substantial return on investment. 

Omvix Group, Inc. combines the power of capital investment and directly-engaged business management models to complement a company's focus on innovation and technology, thereby leading to a successful transformation of the company's innovative strategies into an established business. Omvix's model differentiates from conventional venture capitals and capital investment organizations in offering innovative capital investments as well as a strong in-house management team to assure a successful transformation. Omvix provides such transformation through three main business channels: Omvix Enterprise Capital Management, Omvix Paradigm Business Management and Omvix Advantage Management Consulting.

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